ADR Compliance Services

ADR Compliance Services is an independent vehicle engineering consultancy. It was started by Peter Gillard in the late 1990’s to assist vehicle manufacturers and modifiers to ensure the legality and safety of their vehicles.

ADR Compliance Services now provide services to a number of full and low volume vehicle manufacturers, truck and bus body builders, Government and Private Fleet operators and individuals.

We are licensed under the NSW Road Transport (Vehicle Registration) Regulation 2017 to issue Vehicle Safety Compliance Certification Scheme (VSCCS) certificates for motorcycles, cars, buses, light and heavy goods vehicles and special purpose plant. We are also licensed under the Queensland Transport Approved Persons Scheme, to certify modified light vehicles.

We are also approved PBS Certifiers, appointed by the National Heavy Vehicle Operator.

A full range of vehicle design, testing and certification services are provided. We prepare submissions for Vehicle and Component Type approval for those wanting to sell vehicles in volume into the Australian market.

ADR stands for Australian Design Rule. The Australian Design Rules are the standards that must be met if a vehicle is to be used on the public road in Australia. The Rules are published by the Commonwealth Department of Infrastructure and have been gradually becoming more complex since their introduction in 1969. Vehicles must generally comply with the ADR's in force at the time they were constructed.