About Us

ADR Compliance Services is an independent vehicle engineering consultancy. It was started by Peter Gillard in the late 1990’s to assist vehicle manufacturers and modifiers to ensure the legality and safety of their vehicles.

Peter has a degree in Mechanical Engineering and postgraduate qualifications in Transport Management and Business Administration.

ADR Compliance Services commenced with Peter Gillard providing certification services on as part of the services offered by the truck body building business, AH Peters and Picca Bodies.

The truck body manufacturing business was sold in 2003 and the company was focussed on vehicle engineering consultancy services.

An opportunity to develop a low volume sports car reminiscent of Porsche’s 550 Spyder presented itself in 2006. After two years of development, testing and approvals the Chamonix 550 Spyder was offered to the Australian Market. Unfortunately the failure of a key international supplier meant production was discontinued in 2010. 100% of the vehicles were sold and as of December 2021 only two have been sold by their original owner.  

ADR Compliance Services now provide services to a number of full and low volume vehicle manufacturers, truck and bus body builders, Government and Private Fleet operators and individuals.

The consultancy employs five and utilises the services of a number of subcontractors where required.