The process of having your modified or imported vehicle certified will depend on what type of vehicle it is and what has been modified (or which market it was originally constructed for in the case of an imported vehicle).

It ordinarily starts with a phone call where we can discuss your needs and lay out a plan to efficiently inspect and test the vehicle to ensure it is safe and meets all of the relevant regulations.

The earlier this initial phone conversation occurs in the process the more likely you are to avoid having to redo or modify things and to get your vehicle onto the road quickly and cost effectively.

Every vehicle must be inspected prior to the certificate being issued. Some components or systems may require testing or analysis to confirm compliance.

Once it has been established that your vehicle meets all of the relevant regulations. ADR Compliance Services will creates a VSCCS Certificate in the VSCCS database. This is usually done same day. Once this is complete you will be issued with a hard copy. In the case of an unregistered vehicle you present this with the car or bike to the AUVIS (Blue Slip Station) and then all of the paperwork is presented to Service NSW (the motor registry) for registration.

In the case of a registered vehicle, you need to present the VSCCS certificate to Service NSW (motor registry) and request that they update the vehicle's details accordingly.